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Don’t Quit the Day Job

  Photo Credit Why Fiction Writers Shouldn’t Give Up the 9 to 5, and It’s Not the Reason You Think Anyone who’s ever heard me sing has undoubtedly uttered the phrase, “Don’t quit the day job.” Meaning, in a somewhat nicely packaged nutshell, you’re not good enough to make a living at it. Not by a… Continue reading Don’t Quit the Day Job

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The Plight of the 40-Something Female

                                  Photo Credit Getting reacquainted with the loving act of self-care We’re exhausted. Many of us are overweight. I know I am. A good amount are mothers. Also me. Some of us are already caretakers for ailing parents. We’re holding down jobs… Continue reading The Plight of the 40-Something Female

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And I’m Off!

Remember when I mentioned on New Year's how excited I was about this writer's plotting course I'm taking? If you have aspirations of becoming a writer, or if you already are and maybe need some more direction, you should check it out. Seriously. It's changed my writing for the better and I'm not even three months into it. Well, I'm really excited to say that I've… Continue reading And I’m Off!